First Page SEO In 90 Days

Getting the first page ranking can be tough for new products, especially if you are only following regular SEO practices. I started learning SEO 10 years and back then, it took me over 20 months to get the first-page visibility on Google for my first website! I didn’t have a guide like First Page SEO in 90 Days!

Now when I think about all the SEO experiments I have tried over the years, I realize that getting the first page ranking on Google should not be that difficult for Product Managers. Just focus on getting the basics right.

First Page SEO in 90 Days for Product Managers
SEO in 90 Days – Advanced SEO for Product Managers

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Best SEO practice is the one that benefits your end-user, your target audience. As long as you keep this in mind to plan your SEO strategy, any changes in Google algorithms cannot have a negative impact on your search visibility. With the target customer at the center, I’m sharing the most effective SEO activities I have learned over a decade to get first-page rank on Google in the shortest possible duration.

This is no Gyan, all practical approach to advanced SEO, so I have intentionally skipped the most basic concepts and focused only on six advanced concepts that can drive 80% results for 20% efforts. 

As always, my mantra is “Get Results Without Breaking The Bank!”

Let’s get started folks! Don’t miss the last section that has 25 SEO tips that is added to make you look smarter, a SEO Rockstar!

Download SEO in 90 Days book here.

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